Taco Tray Hardwood Serving Board- Warm Cherry

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Taco Tray – Engraved Service Presentation Platter

Our Solid Hardwood Taco Trays make an impressive presentation with or without your logo. These Taco Trays hold 2 large generously stuffed soft or hard tacos. Made from solid American Cherry by a Craftsman in North Carolina.

“There’s an inviting warmth or comfort from the beautiful hardwood but at the same time a chicness or elegance as it’s beautifully made and says this restaurant cares about your experience.”

Size: : 3.5″ H x 6.5″ W x 3.5″ L

Optional Engraving

If you wish to have a "Graphic or Logo" Engraved please write "Artwork to be Emailed" in the box below. Leave blank if you do not want your product Engraved.

After placing your order Email your image to: info@winwooddesigns.com

Information and Guidelines for Engraved Artwork

  • Engraving is an additional $6.00
  • Please include your order# and contact phone number when emailing your graphic.
  • Email your image to: info@winwooddesigns.com
  • We require a clear, high-quality artwork file in one of the following formats; jpg, gif, png, bmp, tiff, or eps. If your submitted logo/graphic does not meet our requirements we will contact you.
  • Standard engraving includes two (2) engraved areas, one under each taco

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